About Us

Owner: Mr. Chris Lambrou

Mr. Chris Lambrou is a proud US Citizen who also embraces his Greek roots. His family is originally from The Republic of Cyprus, a Greek island that gained independence in 1960 and still today is steeped in Greek culture and heritage. Cyprus is the third most populous island in the Mediterranean Sea and one of its most popular tourist destinations. With incredible vistas, beautiful beaches, and rich cultural heritage it sits like a jewel in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Mr. Lambrou’s family immigrated to the US and made a home in the Washington DC area, working hard to make a life for themselves and carve out a piece of the American dream. However, in the process, Mr.  Lambrou has always focused on serving the community and his fellow neighbors. He understands that providing quality, reliable, and affordable auto repair and service is an important part of helping the community and promoting small businesses.

Founded: 1983 (38 Years)
NAICS Code: 447190